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Winding Technology

Two-way cooperation

Winding Technology sales the machines of Eternal Automation Europe in the UK and Ireland. Grassi Trade joins WT in sales in Italy
Winding Technology is an English Company specialized in designing, manufacturing and retrofitting single spindle coilwinding machines.
WT offers a full range of products.


New machines

WT manufactures a large selection of new winding machines for the production of coils and transformers using round or flat wires.

A full range of accessories are available including wire tensioners, insulation feeders, pressure rollers, etc.


Rotor banding

WT offers a range of rotor banding machines for wrapping carbon fibre and glass tapes around high speed PM rotors. The machines are capable of winding multi filament tows at very high tension directly onto the rotors or to produce sleeves to be pressed onto the rotor.

Special machines

WT offers a design and build service to manufacture winding machines that suit customer’s specific requirements.
WT has built bespoke machines to wind wire on edge, super conducting wire, kevlar fibres, glass tapes, fibre optics for customers in the medical and areospace industries.


Rebuilt machines 

We understand the need to extend asset lives through refurbishing your existing or redundant coil winding machines.
WT can rebuild your machines with one of its new control system for a fraction of the cost of a new machine.


Used machines

WT has a large selection of used coil winding machinery which can be purchased as seen or rebuilt with our WT control systems.


Wt offers spare parts for a wide range of different machine makes and models including Bobifil, Meteor, Marsilli, Tanaka, Ruff, Jovil, Etc..


WT specialist engineers are trained to service and repair a wide variety of new and old coil winding machines.


WT has the capability to design and build special purpose machines to meet customer’s specific requirements.